Terms and Conditions

1. Introduction

Welcome to RedesignerLab, a platform that uses artificial intelligence to assist in the creation of practical and aesthetic interior spaces. These Terms and Conditions govern your use of our site and our services.

2. Access and Use of the Site

Accessibility : The RedesignerLab site is accessible to any user with Internet access. This accessibility aims to ensure a wide availability of our services.

User Responsibilities : Users are responsible for the necessary expenses to access RedesignerLab's services, including costs related to computer hardware, Internet connection, and any other fees associated with accessing the site.

Account Creation : To access certain services, particularly image generation, creating a user account is necessary. Users must provide accurate information during registration and keep this information updated.

Account Suspension and Closure : RedesignerLab reserves the right to suspend or close an account in case of violation of the Terms and Conditions or inappropriate behavior. Users will be informed of the reasons for any action taken regarding their account.

Service Interruption : Access to the site may be interrupted or suspended for maintenance or other reasons without notice. RedesignerLab will strive to minimize the inconvenience caused by such interruptions.

3. Pricing and Payment

Purchase and Use of Credits

Each new user receives 3 free credits after registering on RedesignerLab.

Users can purchase additional credits. These credits allow for generating images on our platform.

1 credit is used for the generation of 1 image. Users can use their credits to generate images in accordance with the services offered by RedesignerLab.

Validity of Credits

Credits purchased on RedesignerLab do not have an expiration date. Users can use them at any time as long as their account remains active.

Credits are linked to the user's account and cannot be transferred to another user.


All payments for the purchase of credits are securely processed by Stripe. We accept various payment methods in accordance with the options offered by Stripe.

The security of payment information is a priority for RedesignerLab, and we take rigorous measures to protect these data.

4. Intellectual Property Rights

Ownership of Generated Images : In line with our commitment to creativity and innovation, users retain all rights to the images they generate using our platform. This means you have the full right to use, modify, and distribute the images created, subject to respecting copyright and intellectual property laws.

Restrictions : Although users have the freedom to use the images, it is prohibited to use them for illegal, abusive, or defamatory purposes. Furthermore, using the images for counterfeiting or infringing upon the copyright of others is strictly forbidden.

5. Data Collection and Processing

Personal data is collected in accordance with GDPR. Users have the rights to access, rectify, and delete their data.

6. Liability

RedesignerLab limits its liability to the services provided directly by the platform and declines all responsibility for situations outside its direct control.

7. Withdrawal and Refund Policy

The user has a right of withdrawal for 14 days from the date of payment. This right allows the user to cancel their purchase of credits without the need to provide any justification during this period.

8. Modification of the Conditions

RedesignerLab reserves the right to modify these Terms and Conditions. Users will be informed of any significant changes via email.

9. Dispute Resolution

In case of dispute, RedesignerLab will favor an amicable resolution. A mediation procedure may be considered.

10. Contact and Customer Service

To resolve a complaint regarding the Services or to obtain additional information about the use of the Services, please contact us at the following address : [email protected] or via our our contact form.